Why And How You Should Take Out Time For Your Self

Have you ever realized you need time for yourself? Maybe you have the thought but why can't you make it? Running with the busy schedule of life and not able to settle things to make time for your own and the To-Do list is growing with To-Do list.

On a certain point suddenly all the questions come across and we realize we are not getting enough time for us to do something for the self-worth. Life gets busy always and we dedicate our time for someone or somethings but also we should Priorities to make time for ourselves.

Also, there is a question why do we need this change at all?

As a person having multiple responsibilities, it's often the case that every waking minute of your day belongs to someone or something else. Because of this, I plan everything. It's how I know what my day will look like before, during and after work. It's how I know when I have time to work on longer-term projects or when to grab dinner if I'm driving to practices after work.But there is also one other thing I plan in, and it doesn't have to do with my my work or my home. It has to do with me, and it's arguably the most important action I take all day: self-care. Whether it's a meditation class, a workout, a pedicure or just time to read a good book, finding an hour to do something for yourself each day is exhilarating.

Many of my friends or ladies or moms I talk to tell me they wish there was someone who would take care of them every once in a while, I understand them completely that they need some relax time for them selves. My Question is: who will offer happiness to others from their side? You're smashing it on every other front in your life. The best person to take care of you is yourself, self-care is important and need to be in priority.

Self-care can prevent burnout, reduce the negative effects of stress, promote a healthy work-life balance and help you to refocus. It can help you to improve your focus on the rest of the tasks on your list and to ultimately be a more focused parent, employee, and leader.I know this is nothing different than the other people in the world(most of them I guess), the same with me as well. But one point of time I realized ‘Me Time' is very much needed.

Here, Today I am going to list out 5 things which made my life lead to a different direction and I am sure you will also find it helpful.

1.  Practice habit

We all have interesting hobbies. Some convert their hobbies into successful careers while many others get busy in their respective lives, forgetting they ever had any hobbies. Maintaining our hobbies is important because they act as a great stress buster. They relax our mind and body. The heart feels at peace. Our everyday lives have become fast and robotic. It's difficult to spare time these days for hobbies and creativity.I know this is something takes effort to do out of the comfort zone but I would really want to tell, this is worth the effort. And the big imp thing is to start from the small, broader picture might give confusion but smaller goals help us to achieve the bigger goal faster. Start with the favorite ones what you love to do and slowly try out different things, Afterall scientifically doing something continuously for 21 days is what falls automatically in the habit.

2.  Stay away from electronics

Social media app or TV shows in our devices can take hours easily on a daily basis without even realizing a bit. It drains our energy completely because we spend most of the time looking at it. You will be more creative when you cut down the social media and get more time to complete the other things. 

This is what I follow to get rid of it 

  •  Setting up the DIGITAL time in a day
  • Deleting the application from the front screen from phone & preferred way is to avoid to access via APP instead use browser in any of your device and login
  • Signout from social media every time after the work is done
  • Don't access social sites once up in the morning and before bedtime                                                           

3.   Get in the track(Schedule/Reschedule routine)

Getting into the track and establishing routine helps us to get organized the whole day and priorities on the tasks, By doing so you will be actually able to know how much time you have spent on the task which is actually not needed. And you will also get more time to utilize for yourself. Routine can significantly reduce your load.

Reschedule your routine if it is not worthy of following.For example, you may have got into the routine of doing things just because you've always done them, rather than because you want or need to do them. Routines can be useful provided that the things you are doing are really worthwhile; however, if they're not worthwhile, then try your best to break them and establish new routines.

4.  NO is the key

Often our habit of over-committed can lead us to feel negated, unimportant or unworthy, or can lead to frustration or overwhelm that can be the source of a lot of stress. This is when learning to say NO is important. Also, it might be in your mind that Saying ‘no' directly to someone can often seem quite abrupt, rude, and awkward to say. There are ways around it, such as a polite declining or explaining a short why to not to accept the request can help another side to understand the situation.

According to Life Coach, Suzy Greaves Saying

"No is the most effective method of gaining time and energy".

5.   Accept the Unacceptable

Sometimes it's ok the way the things are, sometimes its just a matter of accepting the things as it is. Take a step back and accept whatever is in front of the eyes. It should come from inside and you need to consider the unacceptable situation. Many things in life are beyond our control, including the behavior of other people. Rather than stressing out over them, focus on the things you can control, such as how you should respond to them or how much time you need to actually to put yourself into this. In the end, you will get your time to think over to make yourself learn way better to handle situations every day and it also makes the unplanned unnecessary occupy time, free to utilize on yourself.

Always remember

"Self-care is not selfishness, It’s a priority”. 

I have always loved listening to music, reading novels and penning down my thoughts in a diary. But I took a long break from these things due to my office home and all other responsibilities. It's not that I am a professional writer, but writing freed me from my stresses. Today, I can say that I have started taking out time for my hobbies.Do the things you love, make a date with yourself, talk to family, spend more time with kids, cook a nice recipe for a change, go for a long walk/cycling or anything you feel happy with is what at the end makes you productive and after this you will be more focused towards home, kids, work and all other things which we handle in every day. Do also let me know how you like to spend your own time in the comment below. 

Happy Living.



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