My Daily Cleaning Routine For a Relaxing Weekend

Nowadays everyone is talking about productivity, time Management, and organization. But how do we do that? How to follow all these in our daily life might be questioned for many of us.

Let me tell this we can implement all of these in our day to day life by applying in small things.For me, very important one aspect is HOME CLEANING, and it’s a hectic task for everyone I suppose, for me too.

Everyone loves a clean organized home, but to maintain it is what takes all our energy. Living in out of India I don’t have a maid working here which also taught me to make myself more efficient on this.

With my morning to evening busy schedule and a 9-5 job I left no energy to do the deep clean every day but what I prefer is to dedicate few minutes every day for the regular cleaning which minimize my task in the weekend and I get more time for myself.

Earlier to this, I tried to do everything together at the weekend but then it was a cumbersome task and makes my weekend more tired which also affect my weekday. After lot of research, I started following 10 MIN Cleaning HACKS. Dividing the cleaning time each day and guess what it worked with me very well. Now I get enough time to rest and relax at the weekend and concentrate on my hobbies.

Today in my blog I am going to share with you all the everyday light cleaning routine which gives a productive weekend.

Cleaning our homes isn’t just for impressing someone – it’s also good for health. A clean house can lower your stress levels and improve your self-esteem. It’s a tangible way to show yourself that you’re keeping up with your daily demands and living an Orderly life.

10 min cleaning hacks includes time management, organization, and efficiency. The only goal is to not overcommit on the weekend and prevent homes from becoming cluttered and overwhelming. I follow the 10-minute hack and one room at a time trick. Every day each room 10-minutes scheduled in my timer makes my life easy with job life too. And trust me this might sound weird but it gives a productive result at the end.

If you are already following this then bingo you are on the right way but if not then I would say start applying, you will for sure observe the result in a long run.

Productive 10 Mins Cleaning Trick

BedRoom :

·     Make your bed everyday morning. The messy bed will make the cleanest room looks like a disaster.

·    Schedule vacuum on the high accessible area in the room, usually I do the light sweep on the floor every day.

·     Keep the clothes hung or into the washing box as soon as you don’t need them

·     Put away the hand lotion, comb, jewelry to the respective place or stand


·      Empty the dish holder if it's full

·      Clear the clutter each night after the dinner

·   Wipe the gas stove or the induction area after the cooking, Empty the sink, wash the utensils each night after dinner, a quick scrub to the sink make it look more tidy and beautiful

·      Wipe out any splatter in the kitchen area

·      Put the dirty towel in to wash, keep the neat one if needed

·      Give the floor a quick sweep


·      Wipe the wash basin clean after the use

·      Wipe the toilet seat with disinfected cloth

·      Check the towels if needed to change

·      Check the floor, light sweep or dust mop as needed

Living Room:

·    Pick up the clutter around the room, this could be items accumulating in the coffee table, lying bottles if any which I usually find in my living room

·      Arrange the sofa cover and cushion as needed

·      Check the floor, light sweep or dust mop as per need

Below are some useful tips and hacks which I personally follow in my home, these tips will keep home cleaner and prevent to make the messes appear seemingly out of nowhere, and Keep your home fresh, purified and lively for a long time. Which eventually leads to a healthy atmosphere, Calm mind, and organized life.

·     Use essential oil for fresh smell and calmness

·     Use warm to hot water for moping which is effective than the cold water

·     Use the good spray to clean glass, stoves, chimney or kitchen surface

·     Add indoor plants in home for purification

·     Allow sun rays to be in the room sometime in a day if possible, I usually prefer in the morning

·     Invest in good cleaning essentials like a vacuum cleaner

·     De-clutter often, keep what you truly need and donate the rest

·     Get organized by keeping plastic tubs, separate laundry baskets, and labeling where things should go

Time management is the most effective way to clean home. The need to clean for hours on the weekend instead, clean on every day and as you make messes is way more easier an relaxing than we can imagine. May be this is easier said than done for some, but with practice, time, and patience you’ll be ready for guests at any time during the day or any unexpected situation. 

Do share if this is helpful for anyone of you and also write below whats your therapy for home on a daily basis, would love to know about.

Happy Living



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