A simple and orderly life represents a clean and orderly mind.

As I continued to learn to embrace imperfection, I am slowly starting to see how I am enough and don’t need the approval of anyone or don’t have to earn the right to exist anymore. I can do so many things together, I am alive leading a beautiful life, enjoying my passion and that itself is proof that “I AM ENOUGH AND WORTHY”.


With my pre-setup job routine, my life was kinda stagnant and I was having the feeling that it's not moving forward anywhere. I was having a vague idea of the future but there was no concrete plan. Day by day it was the same. I have started with my research to know the different ways to bring meaning to my life, I discovered the idea of Journalling.

Managing the day life being at home or busy rushing to the office can be difficult while making a plan for a lot of other things. We run with the flow and feel accomplished achieving things under multiple deadlines and face major challenges to find time to live a seemingly impressive life. Have you ever given a thought, Possibly simplifying life can make our daily life easier?

On and off we tend to think about other people and their life... We are more concentrated on the Fear of Judgement than the benefit of the situation... We get stuck in past or future scenarios, which negatively affects our decision.Sometimes we don't take a step further and pushed ourselves to the comfort zones.

Have you ever realized that you need time for yourself? Maybe you have the thought but why can't you make it? Running with the busy schedule of life and not able to settle things to make time for your own and the To-Do list is growing with To-Do list.

Monalisha Mohanty

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