How The Bullet Journal Transformed My Life For Better

How The Bullet Journal Transformed My Life For Better

I have started Bullet journalling just before 6 months regularly, and today I can say my Bujo has changed my life for better. That’s why I have decided it’s a great time to share my experiences and importantly, how it happened. Maybe this might be a good way to start your journal in the coming time.

With my pre-setup job routine, my life was kinda stagnant and I was having the feeling that it's not moving forward anywhere. I was having a vague idea of the future but there was no concrete plan. Day by day it was the same. One fine day I have decided to change my life in some way where I can give wings to my ideas and when I started with my research to know the different ways to bring meaning to my life, I discovered the idea of Journalling. P.S: GOOGLING works the best for me anytime.

I Have Focused More On Change:

Traditionally a bullet journalling is a series of activity which carried out on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. The idea behind is writing one thing again and again in your list with either force you to complete the same or to find out that is not for you at all.

I have found that some of my ideas dint quite work for me, writing 10 times in my list but not completing a bit of it forced me to understand the idea is not for me whereas in another side it helped me to stop procrastinating on the idea which worked for me and somewhere I started but not able to complete it out. I used my Bullet Journal to record my things rather than just listing things. And my productivity started picking and finally, I got free from my guilt. Now I record as much as possible data in my bullet journal to understand and make a better decision on my thoughts.

I will highly recommend to make this mind-shift and use bullet journal as recording the things rather just listing out there. Rather focusing the things you haven’t accomplished, focus on small win what you have achieved, In this way, you will boost your self-confidence and will be clear on your vision.

I Have Discovered My GOALS:

For a long time was struggling to give a purpose to my life but was running with a vague idea about it. Bullet Journaling changed it all, By just changing the structure in life, it helped me every day to think of what I wanted and why I did the things I do.

My mindset started shifting slowly, And actually, my ideas got those wings that I was searching since long. Now it was not with the flow the way life takes me but journalling made me think and focus on what I wanted every day, and so I did. The bullet journal system is very impactful and customizable, which also man you create it any way you want.

Right now, Exactly after a few months of constant use of Bullet Journal, I’m on my way to establish myself to become a Blogger & a YouTuber. I have a growing INSTAGRAM account and YouTube channel and great meaning to my life. I found my purpose to my life, I know with a clear vision where I’m heading to and most importantly I wake up every morning happy with the life I’m building.

Bullet Journal Made Me Understand Productivity Better:

In this fast-paced super-productivity and soar pressure at work and home responsibility, we all get kind of hang-up under the idea of being a perfect and productive person. Every other person will explain how they are busy with life and have no time to grab a glass of water or even how many cups of coffee they need to survive daily. Using Bullet journal has enabled me my productivity on the task I need to do, also reassured me that Its ok to put the task off, reorganize, reschedule them or even delete them from the list if needed to be.

The very important lesson I have learned from the bullet journal is “YOU don’t have to be 100% productive all of your time”.

My Each Day Has A Meaning:

When the goal is clear and you have a purpose in life, you wake up every morning thinking “How to take that one step to get closer to my goal”, That’s the biggest change Bullet Journal did for me.Now I can’t imagine my day wondering what to do. Planning with the Bullet Journal sets my priority to the point. I live with a clear plan each day which, if if I now know those days where I don’t do anything.

I wake up every morning with an intention and I know my days have a purpose, they all are a tiny bar that forms my way to the life where I want to be.

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  1. Great article Mona 😊 journaling has changed my life for better too.

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