6 Things Have Stopped Caring About That Changed My Life

On and off we tend to think about other people and their life...

We are more concentrated on the Fear of Judgement than the benefit of the situation...

We get stuck in past or future scenarios, which negatively affects our decision...

Sometimes we don't take a step further and pushed ourselves to the comfort zones just thinking about some consequence because of others, which stops our progress to fulfill our dreams.

Have you ever faced these situations? Does this happen with you also? Is this affects your life too?

Today here in my blog I want to highlight the 6 important things which I stopped caring about and it has changed my life to many extents.

  1. I stopped Caring about other people Judgement on me:

Lately, I realized no one else is going to walk in my shoe its always me who will stand and fall in the way, so why to bother about people who do not know anything about my life, my dream or my goal. Hence, I understood that these are the unavoidable situations and we cannot change others. But its always possible to change ourselves and make the best of self in any situation. Changing my view towards the fear of judgment of others worked wonder. Allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and got the strength to do a lot of other things starting my blogging to creating social media content. All of these I can do based on my happiness or convenience.

2 I stopped caring about what others do

As a human being, we tend to get biased with other people situation, without even knowing about their journey. Unintentionally or intentionally we try to think about how they do this or how they achieved it. After a certain point, I understood everyone has their own happiness and sorrow to deal with, everyone’s life is different in their own way, so better to concentrate in own life to make it more productive rather wasting time to think about others but what I believe is there is always something special to learn from others, so start learning and analyzing than following blindly the same path.

3  I stopped getting stuck in past or future

Spending too much time in the past usually leads to think over and over the things went wrong or things we could not able to complete and wishing to back to time and make it correct is waste of time and energy, which we all know very well but still we drive to this in each step of life. But I realized I can utilize this time on something which will give happiness on my present and future. By doing so I felt the things will become easier and I fill lighter than before. And spending too much time thinking about future and nightmare scenarios in the imagination will take the sleep away and gives lots of worries due to which we feel sad or stuck sometimes. Rather I started concentrating what is around me currently, how to make this time memorable which we can cherish later on.

4 I stopped taking society pressure in my life

Staring from education/Job to marriage somewhere in the corner we feel that environment pressure. We have to score more with the competition, secure a good job, get married soon because everyone in the circle is getting married or having a child after marriage. Everything is associated with society and surroundings. I have stopped thinking about it completely. Concentrating my own life with my own convenience is the only a priority for me. Competition is part of life, somewhere wanted or unwantedly we have to go through this but it should be to the extent where you can handle it possibly. You should know where to stand-in strong and where to step out without any fear. 

I still think about V.G.Siddartha, India(owner of CCD) story, being in so successful, teaching others about the entrepreneurship, He himself could not able to make it. He taught Indians that “A Lot Can Happen Over a coffee” but he could not able to apply this in his life. I am not sure though what he was going through but taking your life away due to any kind of pressure is not the only solution what I want to convey here.

5 I stopped running behind people

I used to think a lot about those people who were once upon a time with me and I was attached with them, I used to try to make everything correct, try to make them stay, my thoughts never used to get settled. But lately, I realized this is not the way. They are leading a good life in their own way and I have to accept the fact that they are not here with me anymore. Coming out of these situation makes me learn many things and today I can say this proudly I have learned to handle emotion without hampering my life or dreams.

Sometimes it is good to let go and accept the thing as it is. I have personally experienced it and I am sure I am not the only one. It's fine to accept the situation and with due respect let others live their life in their own way. Whether its about friendship, relationship or the things you are attached the most. Being in the emotion which constantly causing pain than moving forward will bring you happiness surely.

6 I stopped keeping myself in comfort zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 

You have heard this from many people right. But how many of us think about it seriously. Unfortunately, Like many others, I too had problems with getting out of comfort zones. I wanted to do a lot in life but always afraid to challenge myself and push to the place on that I think is safe. This has a big impact on my dreams and happiness in life. That’s because one of the best way to grow is to test the limits of what many successful people consider to live the life they like.

I was never able to realize it until I challenged myself to accept the new opportunities out of my area, pushed myself to do what I truly want, analyzed and accepted the negative outcomes, planned my things prior and tried to take baby steps to achieve it and now this has the best result in my life.

It is very important to find and ACT on the things which makes you unhappy and stop you being you, Once you ACT on the things your life will become better and better.

Do share with me whats your thoughts and experience in this and how you handle your situations to fulfill your dreams.

Happy Living.



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