5 Insider’s Truth About Living Abroad

5 Insider’s Truth About Living Abroad

Moving abroad is a dream for most of the people and when getting an opportunity we never ever think about the surprises which wait for us other than the usual things on the other side of the pond. Even for me nothing different. Though it looks from outside a cool factor Living Abroad but certainly its not as easy as we think or not a glorious life we get.

Starting from my early time visiting abroad and spending most of my time outside home had given me many unique experiences. And now Staying over almost 3 yrs in Germany, I have many things to share which one should definitely consider before planning to move abroad. If you are already planned to come to Germany it might also help you to read about 10 things to-do to start a smooth life in Germany.

 I will be highlighting here the differences I faced after shifting from India to Germany.

1 Language Barrier makes life difficult(You will feel dumb most of the times)

This is not applicable for the people who shifted to the country knowing the local language, they are the luckiest one I would say. Having moved from India to Germany for my work I had to face all the local clients who only speaks German. Needless to say without knowing the language its hard or nearly impossible in every situation. It was tough, exhausting and many times frustrating too to work on the stuff which documented in local language(german). Often I feel dumb for not understanding simple stuff due to the language. I always used to be dependent on my dictionary or translator for any small task to complete. Which can be either getting groceries from Super Market, going to a salon for my personal stuff or even taking tickets for public transport.

2 Family and Friends will be missed like never before

I have been leaving away from my family since I was 18 and traveled to many different cities inside India as well as a different country too. Staying in Bangalore for a long time, I have got many friends who make the moments for you more than family. Being in an environment, where visiting friends, doing gathering, chatting whole night, attending functions was just a step away to leaving life on your own without seeing anyone, missing functions/festivals was tough for me. There is something which makes you emotional in this long term travel. You miss your near ones more than you can ever imagine. The relationship becomes more important in life and the value somehow increases in any way.

3 Food & Facility will be missed from your home land

Knowing the fact we Indians Love food so much and food is the whole and soul for us. With the fact that India has one of the best varieties of tasty food in the world, I miss a lot the food with which I grew up from childhood. Staying in India it is always an easy task to order your favorite food or order yummiest food in your busy days or even getting authentic food choosing from many options. I miss this the most of my all-time in Germany. Don’t get me wrong, I do try local cuisine and love them too but getting the food which you love the most is out of world feeling.

4 Loneliness becomes part of life

Being in an unknown place and staying far far away from family and friends loneliness takes places in a corner of the heart. Moreover in Germany shops around closes soon in the day and Sunday, there are no shops open. Being Indian we know how busy we are on Sundays in India. Just opposite here we spend most of the sundays in home or doing something for your own(Like cycling, Walking, spending time on a coffee shop). But I thank my day to day job what keeps me busy all day long and even I try to keep myself busy with loads of other things, just to not let these feeling get too deep. But still the feeling of lonely and even more homesick on my sick days or in festivals are what I faced here after shifting to Germany but this also makes me stronger than earlier I was.

5 Weather & Culture makes you remind your home country in every bit

The comparison with your home country will always run in mind if you shift abroad especially in winter here. Surviving the harsh winter in Germany where you will almost never see the sun and the daylight comes really late in the morning and in no time it will be dark again is really tough. In my office days, I hardly see sunlight which reminds me of my place always.Adjusting to the culture of a country where you have not grown up is not an easy task that I find after shifting to Germany. Their way of celebrating things, way of usual talking, Process involve in handling things, the greetings, Fixing your household on your own, their bathroom arrangements, their kitchen arrangements, office culture everything is completely different from what I experienced staying in India for most of my life. Yet, as human nature, we adapt to our surroundings and slowly become used to our new environment for sure.

Moving abroad has been perhaps one of the toughest decision I have made in my personal and professional life and I never deny the fact that it has come with many amazing new experiences. Few teaches me lifetime experiences and few are amazing to feel about in comparison to my home country. Before you plan to move abroad, consider the five facts I told you here in my post, and only if you think you can deal with them in the long-run then you think of the plan to make it real. 

Are you living abroad? What do you think are unknown facts people should know before moving abroad, share with us.

Happy Living.



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  1. This is a good read and so relatable. I am sure it will help many to make up their mind before shifting to abroad or place like Germany. Thank you for this insight.

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