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6 Things I Stopped Caring About That Changed My Life

On and off we tend to think about other people and their life… We are more concentrated on the Fear of Judgement than the benefit of the situation… We get stuck in past or future scenarios, which negatively affects our decision…Sometimes we don’t take a step further and pushed ourselves to the comfort zones…. Have you ever faced above situation? Does this happen with you also? Is this affects your life too?

Why and How You Should take out time for Yourself

Have you ever realized that you need time for yourself? Maybe you have the thought but why can’t you make it? Running with the busy schedule of life and not able to settle things to make time for your own and the To-Do list is growing with To-Do list.On a certain point suddenly all the questions come on the mind and we realize we are not getting enough time for us to do something for the self-worth. Life gets busy always and we dedicate our time for someone or somethings….

My Daily Cleaning Routine(10 mins cleaning hack)

Nowadays everyone is talking about productivity, time Management, and organization. But how do we do that? How to follow all these in our daily life might be questioned for many of us. Let me tell this we can implement all of these in our day to day life by applying in small things.For me, very important one aspect is HOME CLEANING ….

10 Things To Do Before Start Of Germany Expat Journey

Like everyone else, I too was excited to know that I am moving to another country for my work but I was also thinking somewhere in my mind about the challenging life in a new Unknown place with different culture and environment but slowly when I have started dealing with it…


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